General info:

Highlight Model Studio is a brand by a Finnish company Riemu Design. We are located Finland, Europe. All products are designed by a car scale model builder Eero Kumanto. Our product range is focused especially on 1:24 / 1:25 car detail parts but you might find useful parts to use in other scale or purposes too of course. Highlight Model Studio products are designed for advanced scale modelers.


Since our products are quite small sized we provide a simple letter as a main shipping method. We are using small cardboard boxes which keep products in good condition during shipping. This is how to keep the shipping rates in a reasonable level. Disadvantage is that there is no tracking code. However if you wish to get one you can choose letter with tracking code from shipping methods but please keep in mind there is an extra cost and it is not guaranteed to get one (Finnish post office doesn't provide tracking code to all countries). If you would like to make it sure please contact us beforehand. We are trying to handle all orders in 1-3 working days. Holidays might cause some delays. Estimated shipping time according to a Finnish post office could be anything from 1 to 16 days (or even more) depending on your location. 

We are shipping to almost all countries. If you can't find your country from shipping list during the checkout please contact us.

Shipping rates:

Highlight Model Studio shipping rates are based on the total weight of selected items. Our product weights are typically 10-15 grams. 

Please notice that the exact shipping cost is calculated during the checkout. Prices are in Euros.

Delivery inside Europe:

0-50g: 3€

50-100g: 4€ 

100-250g: 6€

250-500g: 9€

Delivery outside Europe:

0-50g: 4€

50-100g: 8€ 

100-250g: 13€

250-500g: 22€

Delivery with tracking code (please notice not available everywhere):

 0-100g: 20€

100-250g: 25€

250-500g: 35€


Payment methods for all customers: PayPal and credit card (operated by Stripe). For Finnish users cash and bank transfer (FinquPay) are also available.

Orders will be shipped when the payment is received.


Please notice that use of anything on this website without our permission is not allowed.